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    Running out of heating oil isn’t just inconvenient, it can damage your heating system and affect your family’s health.

    The conventional wisdom that applies to never letting a car run out of gas applies to your heating system as well, and for the same reasons. Solids in petroleum based fuels, referred to as “sludge” settle on the bottom of your oil tank. When you allow your oil tank to run empty, this sludge gets sucked into the lines feeding your oil burner, flooding the inline oil filter with sludge and eventually clogging the nozzle on the oil burner assembly. The spray nozzle on the oil burner assembly pushes fuel oil, under pressure, through a small hole the size of pin prick. The nozzle produces a carefully calibrated fine mist of fuel oil that is sprayed over a set of electrodes that ignite it to produce heat. A clogged spray nozzle may not fire at all, or may misfire causing noxious fumes and soot to come up through your heating vents that can harm your health and blacken walls.

    Automatic fuel delivery services from Bob’s Climate Control ensures that your fuel oil tank never runs out. This increases the working life of both your oil filter and burner assembly, but also helps you avoid costly and unnecessary repair bills, all the while keeping your family warm and safe.

    Combining automatic fuel delivery with our 12-month budgeting plan and a maintenance service contract will ensure that your heating and cooling systems run as efficiently as possible 24/7, keeping you worry-free and on a monthly budget you can afford.

    Our Heating Oil Delivery Service Area Includes These South Jersey Communities

    Annual Maintenance and Service Contracts Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Up and Running at 100% Efficiency 24 / 7

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